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Toughbook ROI Evaluator

The Toughbook ROI Evaluator is an application that objectively analyses the costs/benefits of mobile computing solutions from different vendors. This vendor-neutral application is designed to help purchasing managers choose a solution that provides the best ROI (Return On Investment) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) based on their unique business needs. It performs a detailed cost analysis of up-front purchase cost, repair expenditures and downtime, specific product features, value of ownership, disposal, and much more.

This objective third-party interactive tool was built to answer the most critical questions asked by customers:

What will it cost to buy?
What will it cost to own?
What will it cost to deploy and decommission?
What value will be created for the organization?
The reports that are generated can be replicated, modified or entirely changed without any input from Panasonic, using Microsoft Excel.
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The Toughbook ROI Evaluator enables users to accurately calculate Return on Investment (ROI), Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Cost/Benefit data by using the individual businesses' operational data, instead of industry averages. Inquire now for a free demonstration.
Learn how the Toughbook ROI Evaluator can accurately calculate company-specific ROI, TCO and Cost/Benefit data by viewing the Toughbook ROI Evaluator brochure [pdf, 420k].
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