Graeme Mackin, Fulton Hogan

Fulton Hogan is one of the largest contracting companies in NZ, focusing on roading and creating and maintaining asset management. The majority of the workforce is based outside in all weather conditions, generally working in dusty and dirty environments. The introduction of the Panasonic Toughpad has meant they've been able to bring their mobile devices into the field, replacing pen and paper with a computer device, reducing double handling of information, admin resource required and downtime.

Eddie Sella, Frucor

Frucor, beverage manufacturer and supplier, use Toughpads in their manufacturing plant. They required technology that was easily usable, rugged and could connect to their domain. "When we started looking for devices, there was one that really stood out. They proved to be really rugged and reliable machines. We settled on the Panasonic Toughpad because it seemed like the simplest solution. They are working in tough environment and they're doing what they said they would".

Nathan Mercer, Microsoft

"These Toughpads, for the first time, enable us to work out in the field. When you combine the Toughpad with the keyboard and dock that Panasonic sell, you've now got a single device that converts from being a tablet into a laptop into a desktop."

Peter Selwyn, Navicom

Navicom Dynamics produces portable navigation equipment for maritime pilots. "In this rugged environment, the ruggedness required is reasonably high. We've got people climbing up the side of a ship in rough weather at 2am and they don't want something that is going to break if it is banged against the side of the ship. We've chosen Panasonic to be the best by far in order to deliver that kind of performance. Basically, it does what is says on the tin."