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LIND Electronics 12-32V Vehicle charger compatible across the complete Toughbook range.



  • The DC Laptop Power Adapter's micro-processor control adjusts the output voltage to the correct operating voltage and amperage requirement for this series of laptops. 
  • Adapters are housed in rugged ABS cases & epoxy encapsulated to resist shock and moisture.
  • Output Short Circuit Shut Down. 
  • Output Current Limit. 
  • Input Noise Filter. 
  • Internal Overtemperature Shut Down. 
  • Low Input Voltage Shut Down. 
  • High Input Voltage Shutdown. Automatic Shut Down Reset.
  • 3 Year warranty includes coverage of electronics, cables and connectors.
  • Item Code TAPAPA15801642
    Description LIND Electronics 12 to 32 VDC Input Adapter

Input Voltage: 12 - 32 Vdc 24 28 24VDC 28VDC

Output Voltage: 15.6 Vdc

Output Current: 8 amps (max)

Connector: 2.5 x 5.5mm